Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The next book that I have been reading is Di Van NieKirk's is her Embroidered Alphabets with ribbon embroidery. If you do not know Di she is from Capetown, South Africa. Her books and DVD's are available on Amazon with the DVD being in the right format for our players. I first found her about 2 or so years ago and put her on my christmas list. that year I got her book, one of her panels to be embroidered and the DVD that walks you through part 1 of the panel. I am still working on part 1 and did receive the 2nd. DVD this Christmas so I must get going. Never enough time in the day to do it all. When you look at Di's work it is her use of embroidery stitches together with the silk ribbon. There is as much charm in the embroidery as in the SR. She does wonderfl things with both thread and SR. Take a look at her books and you too will become a fan. I would rate this a 4 also. Now I am basing this rating on my own personal preferences so might change for you.

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Queen Bee's Musings said...

You have quite the collection of CQ books. Thanks for the reviews.. This one sounds very good also.. will need to check it out.
I have been reading novels.. as you can see on my blog. need to get busy stitching also. Ice storm coming tonight.
may have that time.