Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It dawned on me last night after posting the butterfly blocks that a lot of people may not even know where this idea came from. The Piecemakers in Costa Mesa, Calif. publish a calender every year and sometimes it is a crazy quilt and other times a regular quilt. When you buy the calender a complete booklet comes with it showing the embellishments they used and the correct sizes to cut for sashings, etc. I liked the look of the layout mainly and decided to do my version of it. I have reduced the size of the blocks so it will be more of a wallhanging of a useable size for me.

I have been doing my own thing as far as the shapes in the blocks and the embellishments I put on them. I am thinking of just using beads on the four triangles that cover the middle triangle with the large butterfly. I will put one there but how it will be made I haven't got into that yet. Just thought curious minds might like to know.

The above picture insists on coming up sideways even though on the screen it looks right. I give up trying to change it. I took 2 more today and will add them and hope I can get one pic you can see. Well added 2 more but only 1 printed but it is better then its companion going sideways still.

Happy New Year to all who visit my blog, family and friends. Hugs FredaB


maggi said...

Now that is the sort of calendar worth having. Thank you for sharing the source with us.

Debra said...

Either layout is really very modern and attractive-depending upon your wallspace. I really love this piece.

Carol in Clermont said...

Your piecmakers work is looking beautiful, Freda. And so is your rose and can't forget Harv's fish!!