Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yesterday when the mailman came Harv came in with a bunch of parcels and said most of it is for you. First there was a swag I had seen on Lilla in Hawaii's Etsy. I ordered it to hang over one of my cork message board where I post everything I want to keep plus litle mementos I have received from you my readers and other cq friends over the year. My one board is full so I went out and bought more and have to hang them. Until then I hung it onto something I will post and it just finished it off. I have a large bird cage stand with a hook and I usually have a plant or basket hanging in there. Well I found an old bird cage with no bottom at the flea market and it has been languishing in the garage for me to do something with it. Well I took it out and decorated it for Christmas. See what you think. Am I losing it or what.

The next package was a complete surprise and was from Cathy K in Utah. When she was showing us one of her wonderful finds I saw a pillow cover that I told Cathy (jokingly) would look good on my white iron bed in Chicago. It has an old one also in pink that I bought at an antique shop and a smocked one I made. Well you can guess what was in the package. She sent me the pink pillow cover. Wasn't that one of the nicest things for her to do. I have made some wonderful friends thru my computer and I was the gal who said I don't want one and will never use it. Now I am never off it. Thank you again Cathy as it will find a good home with me.

I did re-take the picture of the Christmas card from Orinda Spence last Christmas. I was going to send it to my daughter until I took a look at it and thought no that is a keeper for me. Sorry Sue. Orinda does beautiful work. I did send her a message yesterday but it came back so I assume she changed her email address when they moved into their house this year. If anyone has it I would appreciate it.