Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The orchid arrangement in the blue & silver bowl is one I made for our table at the Garden Club tea in Nov. The orchids I had in there originally were the large corsage orchids which are much showier but do not last as long. In fact after about 2 weeks I said to my husband that there was a strange odor in that area of the house. Every time I went near it I could smell something very bad. I thought it was a dead gecko or even a mouse (God forbid). I looked under baskets, everywhere and then one day I got near this arrangement and discovered it was the orchids. Out they went. I had put them in their pot into the arrangement so was easy to take it out and just add another of my usual orchids. The 2 bromeliads in front are wonderful in the sense that they flower. The part sticking up is the flower base and from every little
orb on each side there appears a small violet like flower. They only last a day or two but then out comes another one. Very nice.The item on the end of the table is actually an old oil lamp from Paris that would have hung outside a building or house and the address is printed on a plaque on the front.. I assume that when the oil heated it up the little chimney on top would lift up and let the smoke out. I bought this the year Marshall Fields had their first Paris Antique Show. They converted their 7th. floor to an outdoor market. A friend and I went down and had a wonderful time. I bought large F and H letters in gold and a lot of other things. spent a few dollars but had a great time. I use it now as a terrarium and have 3 air plants in there this year that I just have to mist. We will see how they survive. I can put them outside on a tree when we leave.
For my Canadian readers who live especially in Ontario this little old hankie is a souvenier of the CNE which stands for the Canadian National Exhibition that runs for two weeks every August ending Labour Day weekend. It was wonderful when I was young as they would fill your shopping bag with all kinds of free items at the various exhibits. I don't think they do that anymore. They also have a huge amusement and rides part. The soldier I believe would represent Fort York which is right near the CNE. Am I right Canadians? Is the Fort still there?
The third pic just shows some decorations I put up around the basket and flowers that usually reside there. You can barely see the tips of the last two of the candleholders. The largest and third one is the culprit who fell on my head. Have to go as there is a good movie coming on at 8.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Yep, the Fort is still there. Oddly enough, I have never visited, but it's on my to-do list. Merry Christmas!

maggi said...

Your Christmas decorations are so tasteful, love the star in the last post. Have a lovely time.