Friday, December 11, 2009


Quite a few years ago Sue and I went to Geneva, IL for a Christmas housewalk and while there we visited many lovely gift shops and one in particular named the Past Basket had these b eautiful stockings. I fell in love with them but they were very pricey. I told Sue I bet I could make something very close and so I did. I bought tons of ribbon and then wove the ribbons until I had large pieces of fabric from which I cut the stockings. I lined them with off white cotton and the backs were off white moire taffeta. The silk scallops were tricky becase I had never burned fabric before but used organdy and the long fireplace matches over the sink and just singed the edges. I can't remember how many I made but I gave them to my girls and my sister and her daughter and DILs so probably made a dozen or more. They still look great and I still hang them every year just for decoration. This one is in the living area but I have a blue one and a shrimpy pink one outside hanging off the bakers rack in the sunroom. I also have the same pink color hanging in the guest bathroom on a towel hanger inside the door. My hubby thinks I am crazy but he humors me.
It was at this same store, same time that I saw my first Christopher Radko ornaments. I believe it was the first year they were made. I loved the chains and daughter told her Dad and they bought me my first chain. It was snowmen. I have since received 3 more and many Radko ornaments. They are all in the basement in Chicago because I cannot bring all that down here. Our tree is only a small 4 ft. one here whereas I always had a large tree up north. I think it is time to say goodby to those ornaments and start handing them over to my daughter and DILs. I also have a large Santa collection and a nutcracker collection, some I bought in Germany and one my daughter bought for me when she was in school in England and toured Europe. Great memories.


Queen Bee's Musings said...

Love the stocking!!!
Yes I love Christopher Radko also.
I saw him once in Chicago at Rosemont expedition. I have a few I have collected since then.
I am sure your children would love them as well.

maggi said...

The stocking is so lovely, much nicer than ones you can buy.