Saturday, December 12, 2009

Patriotic Tree

This is the hall table that is in the entryway of our house. The little tree you see is just covered in Christopher Radko ornaments - all patriotic. The Women for Hospice have a sale every Nov. in downtown Mt. Dora and the trees are decorated and donated by various businesses in town.

They are sold and the money goes to the local hospice. I saw this little one 7-8 years ago and was attracted to it by the Radko Ornaments and thought it would be a great little tree for us who are only here for a short time in Dec. Well times change and this tree now has a companion tree in the new sunroom because we are staying here for Christmas. It is also small just 4 feet but not covered in radko ornaments. I bought 2 boxes of antique small ornaments at the antique show at the flea market and thought they would be perfect for it. It could use a few more but I can pick more up this year or bring some small ones identical to these from home.

The little snowman I picked up at an after Christmas sale along with his buddy the funny guy on the patriotic hat. thought they would just fit in. They are a new type of ornament in the Wendy Addison style if you are familiar with her work. It is wonderful and I am a big fan.

I was going to post a Christmas card from Orinda spence here tonight but I lost it somewhere along the way so will re-take it tomorrow and show you tomorrow night.

Don't forget to sign up with any comment for the drawing for the book "Embroidered Flora and Fauna" by Leslie Turpin-Delaport. I will draw a name Monday and post it Monday night.


Queen Bee's Musings said...

Love the tree and snowman.
You are amking a beautiful florida Christmas

Debra said...

I love the idea of a patriotic Christmas tree!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your little tree looks so pretty! I suspect we'll be going to a smaller tree in the not-too-distant future and then I'll have to make some hard decisions about which ornaments to keep. Cute little snowmen too (even tho they ARE snow and I don't like snow!!).