Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Well Sue left on Sunday and on Monday our Garden Club had our annual Christmas lunch. We usually have a grab bag gift exchange and we decided instead to bring food for our local food pantry. There were cartons of food to take over so the 2 cartons I have in the garage will wait until next week and I am sure the others will be all gone by then. This is my own personal crusade to donate at least 1 carton food per week. We had a very nice lunch and delicious as usual. We never plan just say bring something. It always works out that we have plenty of food and of the right kind.

When Sue was here I took her shopping at a store in the next town over called The Peddlar's Wagon and is owned by a very nice couple. Kevin is the star of the show and is the one who comes out and does things like making a Christmas wreath at the ladies lunch. We have had him do things for our garden club and he has such a wonderful sense of humour he should be a standup on TV. His hands are going the whole time he is keeping us laughing so hard and voila there is another beautiful arrangement. Well his store is just overwhelming. I opened the door and Sue could not believe the store. We said where shall we start. He was giving out Mimosa drinks and plates of cookies. Sue found a couple of long strands of gorgeous beads to drape around a couple of large candleholders. I wasn't planning on buying anything until we were almost finished and I spyed Miss Snowlady. She stole my heart with her fur stole and her

general appearance. I just couldn't resist her so when we arrived home I wandered around and had already decorated but said she needs a special place where you can see her. Poor pink Santa got relegated to the bottom shelf of my bakers rack and she took center stage. I will post a pic of her and my decorated rack. I did the third large shelf again this year with my antique putz houses. Pam Kellogg of made her own this year and has a beautiful display of decorated houses. Go visit and you will be enchanted.

The title refers to a little accident which was my own fault. We just bought a 42" flat screen tv for our living room. A couple of fellas from the club came down on Sun. and removed the old monster size 37" and put in the nice new slim flat screen. It is in a large armoire in our living room and on top of the armoire I have 3 graduated size large clay candle holders with large candles in them and at the back is a large copper round table top that I picked up years ago at the flea market. Well after they left Harv discovered the tv wasn't hooked up right and we couldn't get the cable channels. Being in the wheelchair he cannot get to things like this so I said when I come home Monday I will help you. Well home I come, off go the fancy duds and I am ready to start. I said how about if we push it out far enough for you to get behind and sort of show me where to attach things. Neither one of us thought about what was on top. Well as I am moving this out (it moves really easy on the tile floor) I hear a funny noise and I said oh I hope we haven't done something to the tv. Well no sooner said then bang right on top of my head was the largest of the 3 holders. The copper tray had moved and hit it and it hit me. It hit so hard it actually cracked on my head then fell all over the floor. Harv said lay down and don't move and I will get ice. He comes back with a cup of ice and by this time I had crawled over to my chair. I said what shall I do with ice cubes in a cup so off he goes and gets a zip lock bag. Well I kept it on for an hour and I have a pretty good size egg on there but it is going down. You don't know whether to move, will you survive, what is going on. I have been taking advil for the past couple of days so assume all is well. Lesson learned - look up before you start to move anything and remove what is up there better still don't help with any of that kind of stuff.
Should have called the cable man. We did get it together the next day and all the channels are working. Harv keeps giving me little furtive looks and casually asking if I feel okay.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

This story is akin to leaving the cupboard door open and hitting your head on it. You definitely see stars and it hurts - a lot. Do be careful!
Your bakers rack looks so pretty and I like your new addition.

Jo in NZ said...

Oh Freda my friend, I hope you are alright.
Merry Christmas (if I don't talk to you before then!)

Gina E. said...

Oh Freda, you should have called a doctor in case you were concussed. It must have given poor Harv such a shock, as well as yourself! Your Christmas decorations are lovely. I put a few small items around our house last weekend, only because we had friends visit us on Sunday, who decorate their own home beautifully for the Season. So I thought I'd better make an effort!

Debra said...

Ouch! I bet that hurt plenty. What a way to start the holiday season. At first I thought you were going to say the TV fell on you--we almost had that happen when our dog jumped up & saw something on TV that caught his attention. I got to the TV just in time --I could see a couple thousand dollars sitting on the floor broken.

Pam Kellogg said...

Oh Freda, I sure hope you're feeling better now! Every time I clean my garden window, I end up cracking my head on the corner of the cupboard!

Love your little houses!!! Thank you for posting the photos. I absolutely have a take close up look at them!