Saturday, December 26, 2009


Well Christmas Day arrived in our part of Florida with a little rain in the morning then warm and muggy. Mid afternoon it raned again and with it came cold, clear weather. Dropped into the 60's.

Our 8 guests arrived at 4 pm and we had a cocktail hour or more and it was very nice. I had baked a Smithfield spiral sliced ham and the 4 other gals brought potato casseroles, sweet potatoes, vegetable and spinach casseroles and one gal brought a huge angel cake decorated with both caramel and chocolate poured over the top along with ice cream to go with it. I had planned to have 5 eat out at the sun room table and 5 inside. When I called our friend whose wife was ill he said she was too ill to eat and had told him to come down and have dinner with us and enjoy himself for awhile. On went another plate in the dinette and worked out well.

For my Canadian readers I had bought Christmas crackers for the table. I have never spent a
Christmas without crackers. Only one gal had heard of them but they were all good sports and pulled crackers, wore the hats and played with the little toys and puzzles. When we first came to Chicago for many years my sister would get them and mail them to me as they were not available here. Well now you can buy them at a lot of stores or over the internet. I bought a box of Tom Thumb English crackers at Tuesday Morning.

I am going to post just a few pics of some of our friends. Hope a happy time was had wherever you live. I will say I was very tired today but just took it easy and perused some of my new christmas books. Will comment on them one of these days.


Gina E. said...

Sounds like you had a very pleasant Christmas Day, Freda. We always had crackers when I was a kid, and Ken's family still have them. It's fun to pull them and find the odd toys and bits and pieces that are inside. Oh yeah, we all have to put the paper hats on too - the children of Ken's family would not let the adults get away with not putting hats on!

Plays with Needles said...

This is a perfect Christmas gathering...bringing in all the neighbors and friends...I loved the crackers too Freda!