Sunday, December 27, 2009


I am posting just one pic that I didn't post yesterday. I had a phone call today from my neighbour down the street named Nancy and her husband Jim had a very bad stroke about 15 years ago. When she called to thank me she said Freda I have not seen Jim so happy in so long. He cannot vocalize except major things that Nancy can understand. She says he had a great time and she thinks it was because he was interested that there were other men there. She also confided that she had made a Dr. and therapist appts. for this coming week as he didn't seem himself but now she is wondering if he just needs more male companionship. He doesn't come out much except to Dr. visits, etc. If our little get together made one person happy it was worth it.
I realized that as usual my husband was so busy taking pics that we didn't get any of him at the outside table.


Sharon said...

Sounds like you gave the best gift of all, your friendship. Sharon

Debra said...

I bet there is something to your friend Jim's need for more male company.