Friday, December 18, 2009

Unusual color

A couple of weeks ago at the flea market the stand where I usually buy my orchids is run by a young Korean man. Where he gets them from I don't know. He does no grow them himself, I know that much. He usually has the same types and colors but this particular day He had a smalltableful of the above orchid. I had never seen one so unusual in the coloring. It is actually a lime green color with he purple center. I knew I had to buy one and it is doing well.
thought I would ake a picture to share.
I do not belong to a local book club but am an avid reader. Our library in Mt. Dora is very nice but 1/2 the size of mine at home but they sure make up for their size in the fact that 12 different libraries have gone together and when I request a book it actually checks with all 12 and if it is available at any library I will put it on request and it will be delivered within a day or two to my library. If it is out, they will put me on a wait list and deliver when it comes up. It is a great service and there are very few books I have wanted that I have not received. At home we can request a book from another library but it must be done at the library in person and there usually is a long wait to receive it. I think our libraries are one of the best and only free things left to us in this world. I realize our taxes help pay for this but look what we are getting for it. The only books I ever buy are my CQ, embroidery or other books I want to keep for my sewing.
I had read about a book called "The Help" by K. Stockett and had just picked it up when my daughter arrived. She saw it and said she wanted to read it so I gave it to her. She read off and on while she was here and finished it. She said Mom make sure you read this - her comment was we should all read it. They are going to discuss it in their book club in a couple of months. That will be interesting. Well I read it and I agree it should be read by all. The story starts in Mississippi in the 1960s and is a story about the south, segregation and how black women raised many white children. Growing up in Canada this was a lifestyle I had no idea about. It covers the shooting of Medgar Evers, the first walk on Washington with Martin Luther King and other stories of the 60's but especially told thru the minds of the black maids. Please read this and realize how far we have come and hope we never go back.

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Gina E. said...

I'm wondering if your orchids come from Singapore? We get them here too, and I believe they are flown in fresh from Singapore. It is incredible to think of the fresh-cut flowers that are actually flown across the world!