Sunday, December 27, 2009

I received some pictures from my Illinois kids and their kids. thought you might like to see a couple of the people I mention in my posts occasionally.
The 2 tallest boy and girl and the little guy on the right are my sons 3. The other 3 boys are my daughter's 3 boys. Yep - 5 boys and only 1 girl.
The next pic is my middle son Mike and his wife Jeana.
Last but not least is my daughter Sue and her husband Jon.
The Illinois son David and his wife haven't sent any pics down yet. They did send us a wonderful Christms card with pictures they took on a vacation in late October to the Tuscany area of Italy. David bought his Dad a large calender from there with gorgeous pictures that he can use for his watercolor paintings. Well thats all folks.

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Debra said...

One granddaughter, poor thing!