Sunday, May 31, 2009

Took the day off or what was left of it. couldn't sleep last night so was up drinking hot chocolate milk at 2 am and took a pill then went to sleep and slept until 10.30. Which is very late for me. I am not a real early bird but usally 8 or so. by the time I had coffee and read the sunday paper it was time to make lunch so we skipped breakfast today and had brunch. Went outside later to water the grass seed we have put down and put some impatience nto pots that go in my grape pickers cart. The bottom of the wooden part gave out this year so Harv is making me a new one with help from a neighbour who cut all the boards to size. At least this way when the cart is finished the flower parts can just pop in there. I love mucking around outside. I go for a minute and next thing you know it is 2 hours.

I have a picture for you today that I made reference to the other day. I purchased the picture post card from jo in nz ( . I am sure all of you are fans of hers and between winning posts and her sending me gift cards I have 3 of her post cards and now I have the ultimate one. The workmanship on this card is just spectacular. there is even a small piece of driftwood at the bottom.
This card is the one she made for the Art Gallery show a few months back.
She spent about 29 hours of handwork on it and it is just beatiful. I am such a fan of this young gals work that I treated myself and bought it. she is only in her thirties and has 3 young children and amazes me at what she does. She also has a Mother and Nana who are into quilting and do beautiful work so must be a family gene. The first two pics are of Jo's postcard but when in florida I found a little bag of these neat mermaids and when I saw Jo' s card in person I hunted up the mermaid and just placed her there for the pic. I hate to add on to someone elses work but she just looked right standing there in the middle. What do you think Jo? Good or bad? What is the verdict from the rest of you. Go to Jo's etsy site as she has some neat things.
I will bring this with me to Omaha so everyone there can get a really close look at it.

It hasn't rained since I put the stain on the deck yesterday so I lucked out. It is also the color I wanted. They are calling for thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow but it said 24 hours to dry and it has been that. When I get all the pots and the furniture back I will take a pic or two.


Jo in NZ said...

Freda, you have always been such an amazing champion of my work. Thank you!
When I scrolled down and saw the mermaid, I thought she looked perfect! Just like she was meant to be there. I have no qualms about you adding her if you wish.
I need to get stitching for my ETSY shop. I just sold my other bag!! It is all very exciting.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Beautiful postcard and I think the mermaid was meant to be there too. Isn't there a word for that...serendipidy maybe? (I don't think I spelled it right either). Anyway, you know what I mean!!

Plays with Needles said...

I'm so glad you finally posted your piece of art. I remember when Jo was stitching this and it was one of my favorites as well. So glad you "landed" it and I think the mermaid is perfect!!!

Carol in Clermont said...

Hi Freda...The mermaid was just waiting to dive into that spot...perfect. You have such an eye for these special additions. Where in FL are they hiding these mermaids?

Gina E. said...

Ditto to all the above - I think your Mermaid finishes off Jo's postcard perfectly! They are very cute little items - I must keep an eye out at the next big craft show coming up in Melbourne! Isn't it funny how you don't think about something for years, then all of a sudden everybody's "doing them". I'm talking about mermaids - I stitched one on a postcard for someone, and the card I got in exchange also had a mermaid. Then I see this one on your blog!