Friday, May 29, 2009

Did not get the pictures I had planned on as I am still working on the deck.
Will this never end?

I called Olympic stain and he gave me the name of a product that would remove the stain I had just put on that I knew in my heart I could not live with. That was to be done on wed. but it rained and I stayed inside and finally made and just finished the puzzle pieces for Pat Winters swap. I have them bagged and ready to go to the post office tomorrow and Pat should have them first of the week.

Well thurs. I spent stripping and power washing the lower deck and even getting on my hands and knees with a brush trying to get some of the darker color out. I am pleased to say it is not reddish orange anymore. Down to a light tan with darker accents. One more cleaning and power washing and it should be done. In the meantime back to Loews and talked to a fellow there who advised me to look at the Cabot line if I wanted just a hint of natural color. Well ended up bringing 4 gallons of that home and this afternoon I put it on the top part of the deck and I think I finally got what I had wanted all along.
My daughter came over for the afternoon and helped me haul 6 large bags of potting soil that I put in a spot in the yard where I have ground cover that part of it mysteriously disappeared over the winter. She was pulling hers out and kept it in buckets and we loaded up the good dirt and then put her packasandra down. Good recycling. Will keep watering it and hope for the best. She helped seed some of the side yard with Harv. and then pulled weeds while I worked on the deck. It is so nice to have someone to help you when you are overloaded. I finally feel better then I have for a week. Hope to get the rest of the deck stain down tomorrow except for the lower part and then I can get my furniture and flower tubs back and my flowers planted. Will take piks when done. Adios amigos.

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