Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today was our housewalk day and it turned out great. Started early when I made a run to our Aldi store which is about 1/4 mile down the street as they had 10" flower baskets on sale for 5.99. I ran down there and bought 10 of them. I gave 2 to my daughter and dropped off 1 to my DIL when we dropped the kindergarden boy off. His cousin is in the same class and ride the same bus so it is handy for both girls. they play well together. Then headed to my daughters and her next door neighbour was having a garage sale. I ran over there and bought a bunch of crazy ties. 2 Popeye ties, basketball tie, Snoopy and a gorgeous silk tie that when I got home found it had matching suspenders in the bag. It was so neat I can see some young college guy wearing the set and would hate to cut it up. 50 cents each. I bought a huge jar must be 18" tall with a lid for 1.00 filled with easter eggs. told her to take them out and sell them as I did not want them. Then we dropped Luke off and headed for the house. Pictures were forbidden inside but Sue took some of the outside and the pool area. It was right on Lake Michigan and was huge. 14 bedrooms and so many small rooms had trouble figuring out what they all were. They had each been decorated by a Chicago decorator and some we liked and some we didn;t. I did see a paint color I liked and may use in florida.

We left there and we had seen a huge nursery on the way down and so stopped there and I have never seen one so big. They were fairly expensive for the everyday stuff but you saw plants you had never seen before. I love hostas and especially miniature ones. I have a lot of different ones considering I have a shaded garden. I saw this one called Hosta "Stilleto" and you wouldn't even believe it is a hosta. It will grow about 6" high and about 12" wide. I bought 2 pots and they were 11.99 each. when I looked when I got home it looks like they are 3 seperate plants in each pot so can probably divide them up right away. I took a couple of pics so you can see what I am talking about. Quite a few years ago a Chicago grower came up with a similar one and I think it was called sparky. I called about it and I believe it was $200.00 per plant. Apparently they make the most money on the patent in the first few years then as they are around longer get cheaper. This one reminded me of the Sparky and the price was sure better.

Sue bought a bunch of plants and then we headed for home looking for a restaurant.and found a new one to us. Had lunch then headed home. Back to the garage sale and I bought a lot of jewellery for 50 cents a piece that can be used in my cq pieces. Also bought a brand new florist glass set that you put individual flowers in each of the little cups and there are middle cups also. Sounds crazy but one day when I have a lot of flowers in bloom I will try it and take a pic.

I arrived home about 5 and thank goodness I had chili in the fridge for Harv and only had to nuke it and make some toast about 6.30 for him. I had my daily must have cup of tea. Can't live without my tea. I am tired but happy from our nice day. The boys will be out in 3 weeks so I will enjoy every time we can get together before then.

Sue did take a couple of pics outside the house with her phone camera and will post them when she sends them on. She had a baseball game at 5.30 for one of the boys so am sure will not get them tonight.

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carol in clermont said...

Will give you some quickie recipes for the freezer for poor Harv!!! You're keeping too busy up there. You better get back here to Florida so you both can relax!! Looking forward to Omaha! Hugs, Carol