Saturday, May 2, 2009

Went over to the flea market this morning as it will be my last weekend here. We are leaving next Sat. morning and hope to be in Chicago Sun. night if all goes well. Better be because I have 2 Dr. appts Mon. at 10.30 and again at 1 which were made before we decided to stay another week. the weather is so beautiful it makes it hard to leave but I know it won't be long before I will be moaning about the heat in Chicago.

Went to the flea market this morning actually to buy enough vegetables, fruit, etc. to get us thru the next week but found a few bargains. One table had all pins $1.00. Went thru them and found 5 that can be used on cq or purses, etc. Also found 2 bunches of potpourri wrapped up in netting but the best part were the bunches of velvet flowers that were sticking up out of the tops of the bundles. They had Christmas gift tags so were left over from last year. They were marked $5.00 and then the man said anything on that table 1.00 so I grabbed both. Now have a nice bunch of velvet pansy type flowers and a silver basket now filled with potpourri. Next I found a gal selling the Murano glass necklace pieces that you buy and attach your own cord to. These were some of the nicest I have seen and only 2.00 each so called my daughter and asked if she wanted some for gifts. I picked up 6 or 7 and she can take her pick. I want at least 1 - just warning you Sue. So all in all I did pretty good today.

When I arrived home my next door neighbour had called so I went over and she asked me if I wanted her bike. I had jokingly said when she mentioned buying a new one that I would buy her old one. Well today she has a new one and the old one is sitting in my garage. She wouldn't even take anything for it. She said she paid 20.00 8 years ago and had her use of it. She even gave me a good pump for the tires. The thing looks brand new. Will have to take a pic of it and another of me on it. A lot of my neighbour gals ride just around the club but I haven't been on a bike in I bet 40 years.

Hope I don't kill myself.

I took some pictures of the view of the pond and golf course from the back of our house and sunroom. There is the pond between us and the course which gives us a lot of privacy. The pond actually narrows down as it bends around the neighbouring houses into a small river. This is the 13th. fairway and #13 pond. The pictures of the forest which run right past our house was actually found to be an old graveyard when they were first starting the CC. Because of the graves (we have only been able to locate 6) the Federal government stepped in and said that piece of property had to remain unchanged. This was great for us as we have complete privacy on that side and our neighbour to the right built their house deeper back because they had an odd shaped lot so their lanaii cannot be seen from ours or vice versa. Complete privacy. I took one view thru the window.

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Lilla said...

Hello Frida, thanks for comments, no biggy really. I lived in Toronto once myself, small world, have family there still.
I see you like to crazy quilt, me too. I go back and forth with different textures and ideas myself. I have a real problem with my hands after so many years of needlework.
Is the blog system great or what?
Meet new friends every day.
Congrats on your long marriage too, many more years ahead I know.
aloha Lilla