Thursday, May 7, 2009

My sewing room is all packed away for our return to Chicago on Sat. I actually took 4 large cartons to the post office this morning as we are very short of space within our van. The middle seats are removed completely when they do the conversion to a handicapped van. It has the sliding side door then a ramp that slides out and allows Harv to enter himself. He transfers from the wheelchair to the drivers seat which is made so it slides back and turns for him then once he is on he slides forward into the driving position. With all this space the back row of seats are way back and we have very limited trunk space. It is worth it for him to have the freedom to just get in and drive. He has hand controls for the gas and brake. I can drive it with the ordinary gas and brake pedals so it is not a problem.
Because I have not been able to sew I have been knitting in the evening instead. Our sewing group obtained a pattern from a gal at the cancer centre and they have requested knit hats for women and girls undergoing chemotherapy and hair loss. Seems funny to knit a wool hat in Florida but one of our gals had chemo a few years back and she said your head gets cold with no hair especially in the air conditioning. They are very simple to make. I made 2 last week and 2 more this week. You get 2 hats out of a skein of knitting worsted. I decided to fancy them up a bit and added little crocheted flowers on top. I am planning on knitting my way to Chicago so should get another one or two finished. I am going to use some fancy yarns for the turnup cuff portion of the hat. Some eyelash or other fancy yarn would look good. More cheerful I think.

Well this will be my last post as I will be shutting the computer down tomorrow and packing it away. We plan to leave here about 7 am and hope to make it to near Nashville Sat. night and be in Chicago then around 6 sun.

I have 2 doctor appts. Monday and our Questers end of the year potluck picnic at one of the gals houses Tues. so may be Wed. before I am back on.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Have a safe trip!

Debra said...

Be Safe and I'll be looking for you when you return!

me said...

Keep knitting, it is the perfect traveling hobby instead of sewing - more portable, plus you can use all the colors and textures (just like fabric). Keep up the great knitting!