Friday, May 15, 2009

Susan sent over the pictures today and I am surprised they turned out that well. Because they said no pictures she thought they meant outside also and I told her I did not think so. There were no picture police outside checking. In fact I saw plenty of gals clicking away with their cell phones inside. Well she tried to hide hers under her jacket so as not to be seen but they still came out. I cannot imagine this home being 25 million dollars except for the fact it is in Lake Bluff right on Lake Michigan and is on 22 acres. On the north shore 1 million an acre for land alone would not be out of line.
The first pic is the front of the house. the second inside the pool house or cabana. the third is the pool itself. Fourth is a large arrangement in front of the back of the house. Last is the back of the house.
There is a funny story that goes with the pool. The property line actually runs right thru the middle of the pool so when the house is sold they would have to buy the adjoining land which is still empty or someday have half a pool. Only 2 families have lived in this house since it was built so I guess it was never found with the first sale. Now a north shore real estate mogul has bought it and is renovating it for sale. That is probably when they found out the actual property lines.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

25 Million? Double wow! It must have been so much fun to see it and dream about living there. Well, not maybe dream about actually living there, but having the money to be ABLE to live there!!

Debra said...

Oh I thought it was your Chicago house!