Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We are back in Chicago since Sunday evening. Had a very good trip home and yes this still feels like home to me where as Florida feels like I am on vacation. Well I know the vacation is over because now all the gardening has to be done. Have had a very busy week and will be glad to see the weekend come to relax. I had 2 Dr. appts. Monday - opthamologist Mon. am and he confirmed that I should have cataract surgery and then in the afternoon I saw the dermatologist for him to check one of the two surgeries he did on my back last Oct. There was some question about the biopsy on the one but he said it looks fine and not to worry about it. He did a biopsy on a small one on my face near the hair line and will find out next week if it is skin cancer and has to be removed or not. I had a similar one on the other side of my face and it was but they were able to remove it easily and it healed well so am not too worried if it is. The scheduler for the Dr. called this afternoon and we have set up for cataract surgery after I come back from Omaha - the first eye July 20 and the second Aug. 3 so I guess I will not be doing too much close sewing for a few weeks in there.

Tuesday was our Questers last meeting of the year and was a potluck as usual but was in the form of an old fashioned tea party. A lot of the gals wore hats and the food was fabulous as always except Monday night I had to make a dessert after I got home from the Drs. Also between making dinner and dessert I had to completely empty the van as Harv had his yearly appt. dowtown at Northwestern with the Rehab Drs. After the lunch was over I stopped at my daughters to see her and the boys. I waited for them to get off the bus and got hugs then they ran off to do their things. My daughter said you waited an hour for that? Thats boys for you.

Today I started sorting all the stuff I had emptied into the laundry room plus the postman has bought the 4 cartons I mailed home to me over the past couple of days. Today he brought the 4th. and I said just place it on top of the others in the hall and he laughed. I just moved them into the dining room until I get time to get started on them. I still have to unpack our suitcases that are in the spare room. Well it will all get done in time.

Tomorrow Sue and I are going on a housewalk for The Infant Welfare Society. The home is up for sale for 25 million dollars and is in Lake Forest, IL right on the lake for anyone familiar with Chicago. It was originally built for the Rand McNally family and has 22 acres of grounds. The gals were talking about it at the lunch who had been there and said it is fabulous - unfortunately they usually do not allow pictures inside but should be able to get some outside. They tell me the pool area is gorgeous so will try and get some of that. Sue and I try to get together as much as we can in the next few weeks because once the 3 boys are out of school life changes for her. I still see them but her and I don't get much one on one time. Hopefully will be back Fri. with some pictures of the house and grounds.

My own garden looked great . I have both white and pink bleeding hearts and they are all in bloom plus all my shade wildflowers are growing if not blooming. The lily of the valley are all up and at our plant exchange at the lunch I took a Japanese painted fern from my garden and got a Pink Lily of the Valley which I have not even seen before. Must look at the nursery to buy a few more. The hostas are way up and I did stop at Jewel and got drawn into their garden center and came out loaded today when I went to buy groceries and they will have to be put in the pots soon but that is a chore I look forward to. Will take some pics of my garden when all is finished and flowering.

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Welcome home! Glad you had a safe trip.