Monday, May 18, 2009

Yesterday was the first of the summer birthdays in our family. My son's youngest Tommy will be 6 on thurs. and we celebrated yesterday. I snapped a couple of pics of he and his 6 year old cousin who is one of his "best friends" he tells me. These are the two in kindergarden together. Luke is my daughter's youngest.

Our oldest son is actually May 11 but he lives in Minneapolis so is too far to go for a sunday party but we do love him . I was browsing through old pics on the camera and I have one of he and his wife Kim when they were in Florida at thanksgiving. He is the one who started me on the blog if you read the very beginning. He is a great guy and a wonderful son.

Birthday parties follow every month all summer through Oct. when we leave for Florida. My daughter has them all summer as my son's other 2 are Feb. and we are not here. She has all our family and her husband Jon's family and it is always fun. Will show pics when the time comes.


Gina E. said...

Hello Freda,
I was going through my past blog comments and re-discovered yours at the time of the bushfires here in Victoria. I think I visited your blog back then, but forgot to put it on my favorites list, hence the long time in between visits!
I have just commented on your CQ work with ties - love it! Your other CQ work is gorgeous too.
Aren't blogs a great way to share and preserve family memories? Just looking at your family photos here made me think what it will be like years down the track when these children will be adults; will the blogs still be out there in cyberspace for them to visit?
Makes you think!

FredaB said...

Hi Gina

Thank you for visiting my blog. I put more family news rather then just sewing on mine because my one son lives in Minneapolis and all the rest of our family lives in Toronto so this lets them know what we are up to here.

I guess someday our blogs will disappear. Good question. I have my husband back it up for me occasionally in case my computer goes out but for years ahead that is a good question. I guess you could print it as a book as you go along.