Thursday, June 4, 2009

I am not getting very far with the butterfly quilt because I am still not organized. Too much with inside and outside but hope to have it all in order outside by the weekend unless it rains again. We have had a lot of rain lately. Almost every second day.
I thought I would go back and show you a few things that I have made over the past years and taken pics of. In July 2007 I found Robin Atkins was teaching a beading class thru the Embroiderers Guild and was able to get into a 2 day class. It was very close to me so I could just drive back and forth every day. She is a wonderful beader and teacher but this was a very free form type of beading. She said to find a bead we really liked and sew it down to the fabric. I regress that initially she had us pick out a pattern of a small amulet type bag and draw it onto our fabric we had bought with us with beads that would go with it colorwise. From there we just meandered and it was a lot of fun. If we were stuck she was there to help us but we all did end up with such different things. I made a small amulet bag that I wear and every time I get compliments on it. Went for lunch and shopping with my daughter for our last free day as the boys are on the run as of Mon. and a couple of people commented on it.
It is hard to take pictures of beads but there is the bag and as closeup as I had been able to get.

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maggi said...

What a beautiful little bag. No wonder you get compliments on it.