Friday, June 12, 2009

MaryAnne of http;// has just posted a new technique and made a piece of fabric that looks like leather. Now when you first look you think "what is that"? Sort of ugly but it grows on you. I told her I had a pic to post of a piece of fabric I made on the embellisher and then embellished by hand that could beat that for ugly but in reality when you see it in person it is very nice. I actually made two samples on normal size pieces of felt and they are going to be added to the front of tote bags.

The one I am referring to as ugly is the brown one with the furry look. The turquoise one is actually my favorite of the two.

Just a little fun today.


Ruby said...

Sorry Freda, you haven't convinced me they're not ugly. I'm waiting for the "swan" picture!! LOL

Magpie's Mumblings said...

No way these are ugly, especially when I enlarged the pics!! It was a nice surprise to see the words tucked into the brown one. Personally I think they're great!!