Monday, June 8, 2009

Yesterday I worked out in the yard for about 3 hours. I did the balance of the planting on the deck then divided some things up and generally moved things around in the garden. I was able to move all the furniture, planters, etc back on Sat. I am very pleased with the color of the deck now and did do another coat of remover on the lower deck and then power washed it with - MY OWN POWER WASHER -. I had so much fun using that thing that I decided with all the brick work and decking we have around here I could sure use one. I had borrowed the neighbors when the hose wasn't working well. Not enough pressure. I must make him a pie or something for being so kind to lend it to me and tell me to keep it as long as I needed it. It threatened rain all day but never came until in the night then we had a good storm. Everything is so green after a good rain. I think the sun is coming out now and will take some pics this afternoon. It will be so much prettier when the plants in the pots have taken off and are really in bloom.

I mentioned that I had Pat Winters puzzle piece but didn't want to take a pic of it until she had received it. Well now she has. It must have taken her days to do this swap. Pat has done various ones in the past and I have always enjoyed them. Thank you Pat for all your hard work.

The colors in her puzzle piece are teal taffeta punched with an overlay of black lace then once embellished the stiffening was attached and then the back piece of the same dark teal. We buttonholed around it to hold all together. I don't think the embellishments show up in the pic. It is hard to

photo glitzy items. I hope she likes it.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

When I embiggened your picture, I could really see the details. Lovely detail (and of course I like the colour!!).

Pat Winter said...

Sneaky girl! I love my puzzle piece. This swap was so successful it has taken me a while to swap, but I now have a method. Who Hoo!

Robin said...

It IS difficult to photograph glitzy items. Even in the best of lighting, the highlights wash out. You did a pretty good job with it and the puzzle piece seems both enigmatic and exciting! Robin A.