Sunday, June 28, 2009

When Quilting Arts magazine first came out back in 2001 I started with issue 2 and could never find issue 1 until they did re-publish it a few years ago and then I bought it and had the full set. I was one of the people who dropped their subscription a few years ago because I just found it was not going in my direction. Just my own opinion. I thought it would be a lot of cq and I was just beginning and was so excited to receive it. In issue 3 there was a purse made by Kellie Sammon of Pocketful of Posies. I loved the purse and it had been made of all hand dyed velvet fabric by Kellie. I contacted her and she sold me a lovely bunch of the velvet pieces enough to make at least one purse.

I started on it and then it became one of those UFOs that get put in a box or drawer and forgotten about. Well last year I found it and decided to finish it. I did and just a couple of weeks ago I mailed it to my niece in Toronto for her 50th. birthday. She was very excited to receive it and will hopefully make some use of it at cocktail parties, lunches, etc. Happy birthday Linda.

I don't know if Kellie is still in business or not. I must google her and see what I find. I did a beaded handle on it from a necklace I bought with the thought of a purse in mind and they worked great on this one. The beads were a flea market find.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wonderful purse...I'm sure your niece will treasure it. I still get QA's and have every issue since the beginning. Have to agree that it certainly has changed but I still find it interesting - along with Cloth Paper Scissors (someday I expect the two will merge).

Ruby said...

Gorgeous purse. The handle is right on. Great find. Lovely workmanship.

Cora said...

What a wonderful gift. The purse will sure catch everyone's attention when she wears it.