Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another cool and rainy night and day in Chicago. The rain really came down last night and the sun did come out this afternoon for awhile but it is not a typical June. Should be in the 80's and we are in the 60's. 70 is a warm day.

Last May my daughter and I were out shopping and were in a Tuesday Morning store. I saw this large fish and said very casually to my daughter look at that fish. It is really something but too expensive. Well she just sort of looked, shrugged and away we went. Well Mother's Day she hands me this large shopping bag and what is inside but the fish as a gift from David (my oldest son) and her.

Last year I had it lying down in the yard with some trailing plant coming out of it's mouth but decided this year to dig it down in a little to hold it and have it straight up. I planted some pony grass and impatience in it. See if you like my fish as much as I do.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I love your big is she/he? It's nice that he can be put in different positions too.

Robin said...

We both posted flower pictures today! I LOVE your fish... what a wonderful surprise. It looks great the way you've planted it this year. Thanks for your comment on my post and for your offer to let me know if you find a Twinflower seed source. I bet they'll grow fine in Chicago and it does seem that you have a GREEN thumb. Robin A.