Friday, June 26, 2009

My daughter Sue and I did go to the luncheon and book signing for Lisa See's new book called "Shanghai Girls". It was in a very nice restaurant called Lovells in Lake Forest. The restaurant is run by the son of the former Astronaut James Lovell. It was a full house and Lisa signed some books before lunch then stopped for lunch. After lunch she talked for a good hour and answered questions. Her family history is amazing. My daughter had suggested I read the family biography called On Gold Mountain to learn about her Chinese relatives and their histories. I bought it and she autographed it for me to "The Graham Girls" which was my maiden name.
I have 2 older sisters. Dorothy passed away almost 3 years ago and Irene is still alive and well. The reason I had her sign it this way is she spent a lot of time talking about sisters and their relationships both good and bad and had us laughing and almost crying. The story of the Shanghai Girls is of 2 sisters from Shanghai named May and Pearl back in 1937. That is all I will tell you so I don't spoil any of this for you if you do read it. The only other thing I will say is that at the end of the book my first thought is I wonder if there will be a sequel to this and my daughter just finished the book the night before and the first thing she asked is did I think there would be a sequel. Well she confirmed there will be and she is working on it now.
She was a delight to listen to. After lunch she signed more books and I had taken my camera and went to get ready to take pictures and the sd card was not in there but at home in my computer from the previous pics I downloaded. Sue has a phone that takes pics so we grabbed that and Lisa was very gracious taking a pic with us individually.
They are not too clear and I am glad because on Monday I was at the dermatologists to have a basel cell cancer cut off my face. He cut from the side of the right eye through into the hairline. They had to cut some hair out. He told me I might have a black eye and he was right. I had a swollen eye and it is turning colors. I had a very large bandaid over it so it was covered at least. My daughter's pic was not very clear and I took it so blame me.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Sounds like a fun day (with the exception of your rainbow eye...hope all is well with that and it heals quickly).