Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I am back working on the butterfly quilt or should I say my version of it. I think the only resemblance to the calender one is the layout and I will have a large butterfly in the middle. I am just doing my own thing on the squares. I left a good 1-2" around the 10" squares so I would not have to worry about ravelling, etc. Last night I cut out a 10"frame so I could lay it over and let me see exactly what the 10" square looked like. I should have thought of doing this a long time ago. It really helps. I have the above block finished or thought I did until I looked at the pictures then wondered if I should add some more beads to the black butterfly square - is it too bare? That is the trouble with cq when do you stop with a block. If you look at this square please leave me some feedback as to what you think.

I took a pic of one of the roses from the bouquet mentioned below as they are fully open now. They are so beautiful.

If anyone is a fan of Lisa See my daughter and I have read her books including the new one whose name escapes me at the moment. It was well worth reading. She is in the Chicago area and Sue and I are going to lunch at Lovells restaurant in Lake Forest tomorrow and she will be there as the speaker and signing books I assume. Sue already bought the book so must remind her to take it with her. We were on a waiting list as they could accomodate only 120 people .. Well today Sue got a call that someone cancelled so we can go. She had some last minute finagling to do. She is teaching VB school this week so had to get a replacement and she did then had to convince her 13 year old to babysit the 6 year old and she would pay him. The 11 year old is at camp this week in Wisconsin. the 13 year old was there last week. She still gets a babysitter for the 3 when they go out at night just so the younger ones will listen and they do for the babysitter whereas with brother it is a different story. Don't all of us mothers with grown kids remember those days.
Will give you an update on Lisa See after tomorrow.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I assume by black butterfly square you mean the section the butterfly is in? Since I have never been accused of being afraid to speak my mind....ummmm....if it were mine? I'd add a wee bit more to the butterfly itself. More beads maybe?

Gina E. said...

This is lovely, Freda! Very unusual with so much black, and I tend to agree with Magpie about a little more bling!

maggi said...

What a gorgeous block. I like it the way it is - sort of restful and ephemeral, like the butterfly.