Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This summer is turning into one of those medical Christmas card letters that you receive detailing someone's health. I plan for all the things we can do and things with the kids then the doctor, dentist visits begin and there goes the summer. Last week I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from my face. from the side of my face into the hairline. 8 stitches. Monday I went back and had them removed then that afternoon a 3 hour dentist appt. for a new crown. He has a wonderful machine ($100,000 cost) that actually makes the crown from a mold that they make. 2 1/2 hours later I walked out with a new crown, no temporary and no more trips except for the second crown in a few weeks. Someone has to pay for that machine. The eye doctor decided I need cataract surgery so that is scheduled for late July and 2 weeks later the other eye. I tripped going UP the stairs Monday and landed on the landing with a very big thud. My butt got the worst of it until that night when my ankle was all swollen and sore. Now I am wearing a support ankle bandage and a removeable support cast I had left from when I fractured my ankle (same one) a few years ago. I am really looking forward to going back to Florida already. 1 floor looks enticing.

I am also going to show you a pic of the pond my daughter actually dug and built herself 2 summers ago. A neighbour was getting new carpeting and Sue took all their old padding and lined the hole then I helped her drag in and lay out the thick black liner. She went down about 2 feet. She hauled all the rocks home from the quarry and with the boys helping carry them around and laid them. She has fish in there and has a large aquarium she keeps in the basement and they live there all winter. She also is a gardener and has quite a green thumb. I told her she was her Grandpa Butler's grandaughter for sure. Harv 's dad was a gardener and people used to drive from miles around to see his garden. He also was a wonderful man. I loved him.

Sunday we celebrated Fathers Day, Sean's birthday and Grandpa Phil's birthday. It was at my daughters and was all the extended family plus some friends. All summer she has about 1 birthday or party every month.

I will post a pic of Sean and his birthday cake. Fathers Day was a week late because she picked up the 13 year old on a Sat. in Wisconsin then had to turn around and drive Sean up on the Sun for his week. He just got back Sat. Both boys had a great time. 1 week seems to be perfect for them.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Be careful on the stairs (you don't want to do what Jack did!!). I'm sorry you have all the medical appointments...none of them are fun.

Mary on Norfolk Island said...

comments. Am enjoying your blog. Laughed about the Christmas card sooner do we get past our friends boasting about their family's achievements at school and uni and sport etc than we move into the phase of learning about everyone's ealth issues. Really noticed that last year. Oh well, at least it is better than hearing that so and so has passed away or gone into a nursing home!
You must visit Norfolk Island on your next overseas trip!
Mary Christian-Bailey