Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Finally took some pics of the very pretty 4 block wall hanging that I won in the raffle. Come to think of it I have been very lucky in Omaha. I have won something every year. The first time I won one of the large ones and it is hanging upstairs in my hallway. Never thought or would have taken a pic of that. Harv actually took them as I held it up.

With a few days of dry weather I finally got the stain on the bottom part of the deck. It now looks a different color from the other decks because they were done back in May. It will fade eventually. It is still drying and I am hoping no rain until at least tomorrow to let it dry good. Our weather has been the strangest I can remember in Chicago. I am enjoying the 70's but know for swimming, etc. this cloudy, rainy weather is not good. Even the garden. I did not think you could get too much rain but the flowers are not growing as well as they should but the trees (which we have a lot of ) are benefiting. 3 years ago we had the opposite. A terrible drought and 2 years later we lost a couple of very old large trees and they said it was from the drought. You can;t win with Mother Nature. Take what she gives us and be happy to be here.

To get back to the quilt the label has the names of 3 makers of a block but the 4th. was not known. I thank you all for your beautiful work and if the unidentified person reads this please contact me and let me know.


Aida Costa said...

WOW! It's beautiful. I love moire fabrics and that sashing looks amazing!

Gina E. said...

How lucky can you be! I'm always buying raffle tickets for quilts of all sizes, but have yet to win one! This is lovely, Freda.
BTW thanks for responding to my 4th birthday message!