Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yesterday was our garden club's spring potluck luncheon. We have one in the spring and one at Christmas and the rest of the months we have speakers or field trips to all things garden related. We have been to some strange places in this area. Apopka, FL is about 15 minutes from here and is the fern growers for the country. There is every type of wholesale grower in this area. To get back to the garden club we meet the 1st Monday of the month at 10am except if it is a lunch or we have to travel. It is called Lakes & Hills Garden Club and is comprised of 6 circles. We are the original Founders Circle and have approx. 25 members. Each circle operates independently but we all get together for general meetings, lunches, etc. This way they can continue to have the meetings in each other's homes - very Southern and very nice. I also belong to the Arlington Hts. Il one and have for over 30 years. They meet at night at the library and I never make a meeting being gone all winter and really don't like going out at night by myself anymore. I still volunteer for the garden walk every July to be a hostess or sell tickets and get to see a lot of my old friends from when I did attend every meeting. If you have a garden club in your area, I recommend that you join. Gardeners are nice people and some are so knowledgeable and everyone is eager to share their plants plus you will meet some nice people who may remain friends for years like some of mine.

I am going to post the last 4 blocks of the butterfly quilt. The outside blocks look very large but remember that I cut the muslin 13" for my 10" squares - hence I will be cutting off when sewing 1 1/4" on each edge. when I fold that up under they look fine. There is a fairly large grey dupioni half circle that looks large but I do have a plan for it. I just have the 4 triangles to do and I think on them I will piece smaller and maybe just do stitching on them. Will see when I actually start.

It is very windy and cold today here in Florida. Was only in the 40's last night and tonight also then turning warmer. Who would expect that in April. I feel sorry for the Spring Break families. My 2 groups that were down had good weather and are back home and to school safely.

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