Monday, April 27, 2009

I have one daughter who lives in the Chicago area and has 3 boys ages 6-13.
She was a kindergarden teacher before she had the boys. Because she knows what it is like to teach and how much teachers appreciate the help she volunteers at the boys schools. She spends one afternoon a week helping in the kindergarden and one afternoon in the library plus she arranges for the other mothers to help. She is not a quilter and is more into paper type crafts, stamping and does beautiful creative memory scrapbooks.

She was working with the children from kindergarden thru 6th. grade drawing pictures that she took home and made up the quilts with other fabrics added in. They are for the Linus Program. Here are 3 of them. If I manage to put these pictures in right you can tell the older kids handwork all the way down to the kindergarden one. The last one is being held by my grandson Luke. He was the cowboy boots boy I made the images of a few posts back.

I am very proud of my daughter as she volunteers not only at school but at church and does Pads when it is their turn. Now to try as Debra and MaryAnne told me to download. Last first so here goes.
Well ladies it worked. Thank you.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

You're welcome! It took me months and months to figure that one out. Now I'm working on how to make the links work, so it's a continual learning curve for me.
Lovely quilts and such a nice thing to do.

Debra said...

I'm sure the kids who will get these quilts will love them because they can understand the pictures. Good for your daughter!