Thursday, April 30, 2009

Here I am back after a few days absence. Didn't have much to show or say until now. I have been working erratically on the new blocks. I am trying to restrain myself until we get home where most of my stash and dyes, lace, etc. are. I like to start putting these around before I do too much. I mentioned the beading I was doing on the scalloped fabric. This is what I ended up with. Do you thing it time to stop or any suggestions?

Next I did a silver thread featherstitch following the lines but it did not show up so I went over it with some knitting ribbon I had in a silver color . then it looked better and I added a little zigzag bead trail between and that picked up the bit of color in the silver ribbon. I was hoping this picture would go in front of this paragraph. Obviously I am not doing something right. They keep going up top. Help someone. Tell me how to get the picture below or above the paragraph. I have more to add so I guess they will be the same until I figure this out. Also why is there always 2-3 inches between paragraphs that I have to go back and move up? Anyone know?

Next pic was a bead trail I did down the silver and grey stripes. Hard to know what to do with stripes. This in't the greatest but can always be pulled out later if I decide I can't live with it.

Next I added a piece of tatting to the little black piece with the green motif that was embroidered on the fabric. It had very faint black spokes radiating out from the middle so I used greenish beads to match the clor and just did spokes to fill in. Also on this piece is the little piece of ribbon I found that I had done awhile ago. I also added a pic of this whole block.
Just to let you know I am almost finished with the pink quilt. I have added a piece of an old flannelette sheet that I tear up and use for dusters. It was the perfect size and I did as Allie suggested. I invisibly hand stitched a lot of the quilt parts to the flannel to give it more body for hanging. Next is adding the pink backing. I will be very glad to see the finish of this considering I spent 2 years on it and have no idea where it is going to hang,
Probably under the bed in a box where my kimona is now residing.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm sorry Freda, I can't help with what blog-grrr is doing with your paragraphs because I have the same problem & have never figured it out. I exhausted my vast amount of expertise (hah, hah) when I figured out how to load the pictures in the right order! Hopefully you can get an answer from someone else.

Debra said...

When you do your post, hit the HTML button (instead of compose) and you can copy & paste to move your pictures around or cut out the pictures that are duplicates. In the Compose mode, you can highlight the picture and hit the delete button. It will be gone in a flash!

And, in a box under the bed is not a good way to display your beautiful work! Get it out so you & others can enjoy it!