Friday, April 3, 2009

Today I finally took pics of the last 3 squares of the new quilt. 9 down and 3 to go plus the corner triangles around the butterfly. I am really not following the pattern as I thought I would. Idea was to follow and make it easier. Well I should have know better. First they have used a lot of very small pieces and I find it hard to embellish squares like that so I am just doing my own thing. Plus it really doesn't matter what month it is as I won't be putting that kind of stuff on it. Probably the only thing like it will be the butterfly in the middle which I hope to do on my embellishing machine and I do like the layout.
I did take a pic of the collar that I put on the one square. It is sheer with the white embr. plus it has colored rhinestone sparkles all over it. I hope the closeup pic of it shows them.

Work time around here this weekend. We or I have been re-landscaping around the back of the new room and already planted 12 boxwood bushes right across the back and put 3 double knockout roses in the one bed and have a larger one for the other end plus liriope grass in between. I still have some digging to do but except for tree roots it is all sand and fairly easy to dig. I put 12 bags of mulch around the front beds and bought 10 more today that I carted around to the back and will start laying that down

in the next few days. We also had curbing put around the front flower beds and the back beds to keep the mulch in and not all thru the grass. I had never seen the curbing up north but it is very popular down here., I will take some pics when I am finished and show you my handiwork.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

You've been busy! I hauled out my calendar for that quilt and did notice the very small you I think I would be doing my own thing.

Debra said...

I like how you have added the lace tidbits here and there. Watching with interest as you progress!

Linda said...

Thelma I love the colours you are using and the fact that you too are going to venture out on your own personal designs on this quilt.

I am inspired just looking at yours, thank-you for sharing and forgive me for not keeping a closer eye on your blog.