Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yesterday and today I spent in my sewing room as long as I could and I have 3 of the 4 triangles made. I hope to finish the other tomorrow then I can finally clean up this mess. I have fabric everywhere but you have to have it where you can see and grab it. It poured rain most of today. There were bad weather reports all last evening so I put the weather radio on and was awakened about 3-4 times through the night when something in our area was affected. Thank goodness nothing right around us except the heavy rain which we need. I had a fasting blood test at 10 so slept in until 9 and at 9.30 took off for the doctors. Just got up the 2 mile drive to the Hwy. and all hell broke loose. Rain so hard I could not see. Could not see the road markings, other cars, etc. I was terrified and finally arrived at the next stop light and pulled into a CVS parking lot and sat it out. I can't remember ever driving through rain that hard. When it settled down a bit I took off and went for my blood tests. The gal said she was surprised I came out in that. Thought I would cancel. I said I would have if it was that bad before I even left but glad I went and it is over with. It was so gloomy I did not take pics but when I finish the other tomorrow I will take pics of all 4.

Now I have to start thinking of embellishments and what I want to do. I spend more time thinking then doing. I will certainly use Jo from NZ's postcard book for some good stitch ideas. Handy little book to have near you when you stitch.

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