Friday, April 24, 2009

I see from the weather reports that the Midwest states are having a heat wave. In the 80's. It was 86 today in Florida according to our outside thermometer.

I had a haircut scheduled then stopped at a store to buy a couple of pairs of shorts. For some reason I took a lot of them home and only left a few here so picked up a couple of pair then on to the doctors to drop something off. I remember the days when I only went to the Drs. about every 5-10 years but now it is about 6 different guys we have to see twice a year. Getting older keeps you busy.

I do not have too much to show today except I started working a bit on 2 patches. I put rick rack and thread and beads around one of the circular pieces, did another feather and then embroidered and beaded above it. When finished I think I went a little too close to the feather but in the overall when finished it will never be noticed. I had some ribbon that I had played around with doing some little thread and bead designs and it has been hanging in my sewing room here for a couple of years. I saw it and one section was the perfect colors so that went on a block. You will see 2 butterflies made with beads and wire that are just sitting on the fabric. This is not where they will stay but I just wanted you to see them as there is a story here. I believe most of the cq gals know Marie Alton from Canada who developed the gorgeous Melanie Rose and does gorgeous work.
Well Marie is helping her niece Amy who is doing a ride for Cancer from Toronto to Niagara Falls. I can't remember how many miles but it is probably 2 hours by car from Toronto. If you would like to read about Amy's trip and what it is about go to her link here:

Now to enourage and help her Marie has or is making small beaded ornaments and she has them listed for $5.00 each. If they all sell that will be $250.00 and the best part is Marie herself is going to match that amount
so if we all buy 1 or 2 Amy could get $500.00 from this alone for breast cancer. Marie's email is:

Please pass this info along on your own blogs if you read this and see if we can't get that $500.00. I ordered 2 butterflies and they arrived today. The postage for this little package cost $2.11 so Marie is absorbing the shipping costs also so all your money goes direct to breast cancer.
I just noticed that the one picture just shows the beginning beading I am doing on this scalloped piece of fabric. I did a leaf in green and already ripped it out. So may stay with just the one color. They are delica beads and are my all time favorites for color and sparkle. Will show what I end up doing. May need some help from you all here.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Pretty! I am getting SO antsy to get started on another CQ project as I'm watching yours develop.

Marie Alton said...

Hi Freda

Thanks for sharing the link for Amy's Ride ... it's 200K plus from Toronto to Niagara falls ... 217 I think Amy said.

Love your Butterfly Block ... will check back often to see your progress!

Debra said...

So pretty!

Do stop by my blog and see how the QOV turned out with your blocks.