Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having friends over for the day and for lunch. All cq'ers. Carol Kramer from Claremont, FL and Joyce Boudreau who is from Nova Scotia, Canada but wintering in the Villages. Carol I have known for a few years but Joyce and I got together last winter after communicating on the internet then finding out how close we were to each other in the winter months. Willa was going to come if she could but work was very busy and she could not justify taking the time off. Willa and I went to our local quilt show a couple of weeks ago and are planning on getting together again one Sat. before I leave early May.
I only took 1 picture of the two gals but it turned out great. I will post it here so I know some of you will remember Carol from the John Campbell Folk School class that Martha Green taught a few years back.

I have 8 blocks done on my quilt but need hand sewing a few places then will take their pics and put them on. I believe I have only shown you the first 5.

I am trying to talk Carol into coming to Omaha and being my roomate. We were both their in 2007 and Carol had her hubby Woody with her as they were continuing on to the Dakotas if I remember right. He was the one who made and donated the beautiful hand carved bowl.

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