Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I have started doing a little embellishment on the butterfly blocks. I never know in which order the pictures are going to appear so will describe what I have done and you can try and find the right pic. Little brain game. I had printed a feather with a stamp and silver stamp pad and it turned out but not as bright as I would have liked it. I sat and went over it with silver thread. I did a chain stitch up the middle then just straight stitches of various lengths. Next I did all the silver butterflies adding additional beads on them and all around where ever a tinsel dot showed up. In person it added a lot but in the pic I am not so sure if you will see it all. The large piece of lace I used I did small silk ribbon roses in 3 rows in shades of purple, pink and variegated shades of same. I did silver beads around the center flowers before adding the little roses. It still lacked something so I took mattte green beads and did the stems between the flowers. Just a small touch of green. I wondered about adding beads to the other things on the lace and did 2 or 3 then pulled it all out. It was too much. If you remember I used 6 of one butterfly on 6 blocks and 6 of the other fabric on the other 6 blocks.

I added some beads to these silver ones also.

Lastly I had a large peony type flower that was dark grey on tan dupioni. I kept looking and thinking I don't like that. When going thru the embellishments I came up with a piece of white dupioni that I had beaded a motif on when I first started beading. Luckily the piece was on the outside corner so I undid it and was able to put the beaded piece in there. The colors work perfectly. This probably won't be the only piece I change before I finish. What looks good when you piece often doesn't once you start embellishing or at least it seems like that to me.

To change the subject the fisherman in the family did catch fish on Sunday after nary a one on Sat. He actually came second in the bank group and won $80.00 prize money plus a bag of fishing stuff, 2 t-shirts and 2 hats.
They do pay to enter this and it was actually $80.00 which helps to pay for all the goodies they give out so it turned out to be an even draw moneywise. He is brown as a berry while I am my usual Irish white skin.
People look at me when I get home and say how long were you in Florida?

My days of sunbathing are over for me after having a number of small skin cancers removed in the last few years. Another small one on my face and I go to the dermatologist on May 11th. back in Chicago. He will just burn it off and all will be well. If you ever have a small spot that does not seem to heal make sure you go to a doctor because that is what these small skin cancers do but are readily taken care of. Advice from Mother Butler.


Ruby said...

Wow, FredaB what lovely enhancements. When you click and look at the larger photos you can really see the detail. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing, Ruby

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Lovely...I especially like the little roses!
btw..I struggled with picture order on my blog too and finally discovered that I had to load in the picture I wanted to be on the bottom first and so on. Imagine a set of stairs and put your bottom picture on the bottom 'step' and so on until you reach the top 'step' (picture). Clear as mud??

Debra said...

Yes, the photos loaded backwards. If you forget, you can go into the HTML side of the posting and do a copy & paste to put them where you want them. It's frustrating, I know.

I really like everything about this piece but I especially like the beaded peonies!!

Allison Ann Aller said...

The Freda Magic is starting here!

So glad Harv did well in the contest. I don't suppose we could see a picture of you two wearing the winning hats and Tshirts, could we?