Thursday, January 29, 2009

Well it has been a rainy day today in Florida. With the frost we had last week the grass turned brown from it but I bet with this good rain (about 1/2") it will quickly turn green again unless we get another frost over the weekend. It is a possibility. I bought 4 large pots of beautiful pink geraniums to fill my 2 pots out front and before I could plant them they advised possible frost so they have been living in and out of my garage. this morning I planted them and before I could water the rain started so that was lucky. Rain water is always so much better for plants then tap water.

I still haven't done any needlework. I am in a reading mode right now and still trying to get by whatever it is that has been hanging on. I will go back to the Dr. next week if I still don't feel right. I did bake a banana cake today and iced it and will have a piece after I finish this with my coffee. I usually have a cup after supper - decaf only.

I mentioned about putting some of my past needlework on here until I get moving again. I am the grandmother of 5 boys and only 1 grandaughter. The boys are from 5 to 15 and the GD is 13. I made her christening gown and smocked all her birthday and christmas dresses when she was younger plus always made a christmas dress to match for whatever American doll I bought for her that year. I don't have pictures of them all on here but do have some. I will start with her Christening dress but don't have a pic of the bonnet. Don't know why I didn't take a sperate one of that. Must do that. I still have the set at my house, dress, slip and bonnet and have it wrapped in the special white tissue and preservation box. I remember taking the fabric up to our cottage and sitting for hours doing row after row of pintucks. No wonder I have a bad upper back now. One of my friends blames by back problem on what she calls my sweat shop sewing room.

I also made a smocked romper and boys bonnet for the boys in each family. My daughter has the 3 boys and my son the 2 boys and 1 girl. Each of the boys wore the romper for their christenings.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

What a beautiful family heirloom you created! It sounds as though you are storing it properly too, so that many future generations can enjoy it. Many hours of work must have gone into it!!