Thursday, January 22, 2009

The ladies on our end of our curved street started going out to lunch once a month about 2 years ago and it is fun. Even though we are on the same street we don't necessarily see each other from month to month. Each gal takes a month when they are here (half of us are snowbirds and the other full timers) and arranges for the place and takes care of the details. It was my turn this month and we went to an Italian restaurant that I chose. There were only 10 of us as some were away or sick, etc. Sometimes there will be 14 of us other times a smaller group. My husband went to lunch with one of the husbands so guess who is not making dinner tonight? We both had large lunches and Harv has poker tonight at the club so will just have a light snack. I like those kinds of nights. I like to cook but do get tired of trying to think what to have all the time. My husband is easy to please so that helps.

No pics today because I was slow getting going then out most of the afternoon. I do want to post one of my son's 2 boys Scout and Ranger. They are beautiful Collie dogs. He does actually have 2 real sons named Nick and Tommy. There is a story that goes with the 2 of them. Mike had 1 collie named Barkeley and he was getting on in age. Someone told him that the best time to get another one was when they older dog was still there as he would train the younger pup. So at 6 weeks home comes Scout. Well Barkely perked up and surprised them and lived another 2 years or so. Well by that time Scout was so attached to him that when Barkeley finally passed away Scout went into a depression and was constantly whining and looking for him. They felt sorry for Scout and home came collie #3 - Ranger.

So now Scout is happy to have a friend around. They are beautiful dogs and they keep them well groomed. I am showing a picture I took of them at Christmas in Mike's kitchen. So now you have seen all the dogs in this family so no more dog pics.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

aaawwww...but I LIKE dog pictures! Scout and Ranger are beautiful.