Monday, January 5, 2009

I was off to the flea market yesterday and did end up buying real plants for the toy. I bought 2 white orchids @ $2.00 each and 1 African Violet for $3.00 plus 2 other variegated green houseplants that I can't spell for 2.00 each. I wasn't sure how much more to buy as to how full it would be. I put them in and found I need something to go behind the long stalks of the orchids. The other 3 grouped in front look good so now I am looking for a small fern. I also bought a very large Maidenhair fern to hang in a bird cage stand that I used to hang a boston fern in. I promised my hubby I would not buy another boston fern as they are very dirty plants. Always dropping stuff all over. when I saw the maidenhair fern I knew that would do the trick. I do know though that you can never let it get dried out or you lose them very quickly so will have to be careful. It was only 7.00. I must say that here in central Florida we are in the midst of the largest fern and orchid greenhouses in the state and that is why they are so cheap. I will take pics when I get them finished and show you. We are on the lookout for a rug for out there to fill part of the floor.
I did take some pics of a great buy I made at the flea market before Christmas and an interesting one to me at that. There was a box with a lot of beautiful black beaded pieces and a piece of black lace beaded with metal beads. There were also 4 hanks of the same metal beads. I had never seen these before and feel they are very old. There were also 3 hanks of pink and very light pink cut glass beads. Has anyone worked with these metal beads? I would be interested to hear if you have. I think I paid 12.00 for all of this. There were also quite a few dangles and loose beads, sequins, etc. in the box. I should stay away from the flea markets but the thrill of the hunt gets to me and off I go.

On a personal note for friends and family who know that I had breast cancer 9 years ago, I saw my oncologist over Christmas and as usual he asked if I was having any problems, etc. I told him I am still having a lot of problems with my upper back and neck so he sent me to the hospital for a complete body scan just in case. Well I went on Dec. 26th. but he was on vacation last week and I came back to Florida and waited for today when he returned. Well it was good news. Only abnormalities were in my hands and feet and that is just arthritis so all is well. I have been on meds for over 9 years and will continue until Oct. 09 and then I will be finished. Unless, as he laughingly said, they might develop another one and here we go for another 5 years. As long as it is keeping the cancer at bay I cannot complain. My oldest sister had a radical mastectomy 25 years ago and is still here today cancer free so maybe we are winning the battle.




Pat Winter said...

Wonderful news on your checkup. That is great!
Your bead find is so pretty. How fun to find such old treasures. I have some of the old metal beads and rarely use them. I know there will be a project that comes along one day that begs for them to be used. Sounds like you are having fun. I'm sure you are glad you headed back to warmth and sun when you did. :-)
Happy New Year!!!

Allison Ann Aller said...

What a score at the flea market, Freda!
I love your new room....what a haven of bliss it will be for both you and Harv.

LouAnne said...

Freda: you said "I must pull it out and start on the other half. It will now be one of my favorites along with our banana/chocolate chip bread. If you need a good banana bread recipe this is it. It came from a B & B in IL and I use the miniature Nestle chips so they are not too hunky in the bread. Willing to share." on my Lulu's Girl blog. I can't find your email! I would love that recipe! In fact, I have some very tired bananas here right now! hugs,LouAnne