Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I did not get any pics of outside today as we had to go out but I am going to post a couple of wall hangings I have made that I did not finish in the conventional way. Both of these were made from an antique fan quilt that was in poor shape. I took the blocks apart and used 4 blocks put together to make a circle. I left any original embroidery that was on each square. I made my hanging with 4 squares and made one for my daughter with 2 squares. Once the squares were sewn together I appliqued them to a solid black fabric then to even them out I went around each square with a black narrow trim. I did silk ribbon embroidery in the middle of mine in such a way that it could be turned in any direction and would look the same. In my daughters I did silk ribbon embroidery around the top, bottom and 2 top corners. We made frames from 1x2 pieces of lumber joined at the corners with small angle irons for stability. I then stretched the fabric over the frame and stapled it to the wood on the back. Mine is hanging in our Florida home and my daughter has hers in her Chicago home. I am posting these 2 pics in response to MaryAnne from http://magpiesmumblings.blogspot.com/ question concerning ways to finish a wallhanging. It is just one way but is simple to do.
Looking at these pictures taken years ago I need to re-take and have better pics. Until looking at them now I didn't realize the daughter's pic isn't even the whole hanging. The right corner is cut off in the pic but at last it gives an idea of it.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Thank you Freda for the idea. I think I might just go with this method for my quilt. Otherwise I know it will just sag too much.

Willa said...

My doggie's name is Barkley! Got the bra's hung today at the quilt show. My body is killing me. Not one part.. all of it.. LOL! Maybe you could make it Friday or Saturday! Some great quilts and quite a few of the bras.