Friday, January 23, 2009

I took pictures and posted of the block I was making for Dee's quilt a couple of weeks ago. Well something had to be changed. When I tried printing out the picture on silk I could not get the saying readable. It kept blurring and it was because of the saying "There's Happines in Remembrance" that I was using it. SO I was stuck with what to put in the middle until I took out some tatting I had been working on a while ago and found one of the many hearts I had done.

The white heart fit perfectly in the middle and I thought a heart would be appropriate to the block. The next decision was to leave it white or dye it. I decided for the same reason just to leave it white. Somehow that seemed more appropriate. I have taken a picture of it and will post it here then off it will go to Kate on Monday. One thing that doesn't show up well in the picture is at the end of the name Dee I drew the beads out and put a pretty Swarofsky crystal at the end in case you wonder what the blob is. It actually looks pretty when you see it. Hope it fits in with the rest of the blocks. There have been some very pretty ones posted. It is amazing how hard I find it to work on blocks for other people. That is one reason I do not enjoy RR's. Well thats it for today. We are going out for dinner with 2 other couples tonight and going to one of their houses for cocktails first so see you hopefully tomorrow or Sunday.

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