Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sorry about the multiple pics of my newest toy. I had trouble entering the pics and thought I had only put in 2 but up came 4 - probably 2 of the ones I did not think went thru. I spent the day putting away the Christmas stuff and tomorrow I am off to the flea market to see what I can find to put in the "new toy". I am also on the lookout for a bakers rack or old cupboard with open shelves that I can put stuff on. I am going to show you some pics of the new room minus furniture. These were taken before we put stuff back. The room is the actual size it was before but only half was under roof and the other half just screened over so you could not put furniture out there with cushions, etc. that could get wet. With the roof over it seems gigantic and I am trying to fill it. I also have a large landscaping job to do. All the old hedge and bushes were pulled out and carted away. also need qite a bit of sod put down. It never ends.

I am going to show a pic with the lanaii screened in and then the new room.

Will I ever get back to sewing? I have been doing a little needle tatting at night just for something to do. I must get started on the butterfly quilt. One of the problems that I am sure a lot of us have is I have run out of room to hang things. Something has to come down before something else can go up. You know the old story.
That is discouraging me from starting such a large project but it does look like fun.

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