Saturday, January 10, 2009

I am showing the flower pics that I took last summer of a new (to me) flower called a fan flower. I bought a basket and then started seeing them planted in the ground. Our Health Centre where I take water aerobics in the summer did a large planting of them. They are very pretty and do resemble a fan in their shape. I have only seen them in purple but they may come in other colors.

The reason I posted these pics is that last night I did a nice long email and put on 2 pics of the block I am making for Dee's auction quilt (which I will explain later). Both pictures flipped sideways and yet on the desktop they were okay. Being new at this I went to blogger and printed out some instructions to delete pics and when I thought I was deleting the first pic I found I had deleted the whole post. There must be an answer to why the pics flipped and what I did wrong. I posted these flowers from last summer to see if the pics would flip but they did not. Does anyone have an answer or has had this problem? Help!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I had the same problem yesterday with a picture I wanted to post...maybe Blogger was having a hiccup??
btw...just to complicate your life, the picture of your flowers isn't showing up. Maybe it's me???

FredaB said...

Hi Mary Ann

I saw that and did another post with the pics. They showed up on my posting screen. Hope they came thru.