Thursday, January 1, 2009


We are back from the frozen north and very happy to see sunshine and at least 70 degrees. Sunday trip home was unbelievable. 42 people on standby and I saw at least 2 large families with children who did not get on our plane. With all the bad weather these were people from cancelled flights still trying to get to disney for vacations. Travel is hell in winter or bad weather. They always have to change our seats once we get to the airport as Harv needs the aisle chair. For the first time they separated us - he was in 6D and I was in 14B. I was not a happy camper but was just so happy to get on the plane and get here that I didn't complain. He said the gals looked after him and even gave him 2 glasses of tomato juice. How come I only got 1 tea?

I called the gal that I bought the conservatory from and she delivered it yesterday. It is out there bare but I am very happy with it. I am now trying to figure what I am gong to put in it. It has the glassed in portion on top with doors and then a bottom shelf where other plants can go. My dilemma is live or artificial. As a gardener I hate artificial but as a realist I know in 4 months I will be back home and nothing will survive n there for 6 months until we return. With that in mind I will probably do artificial but use a lot of moss on the shelves to give it a more realistic look. I may pop a real orchid in the middle somewhere to fool people and make me happier. I am posting a couple of pics we just shot. We only started to put the furniture back in a couple of days before we left so the room is still bare looking and very white. I had a lot of white wicker furniture and all the cushions are still in great shape so don't want to change them yet. We are going to buy a rug to fill in the middle and that will help. Must get on the shopping trail. We basically have to leave the room clear for Harv in the wheelchair. We just bought him a 47" flat screen for out there and he has sat and watched the hockey game between Chicago and Detroit from Wrigley Field. That is the baseball field in downtown Chicago and they installed an artificial ice rink in the field for today's game. Unfortunately Chicago lost. Both Harv and I were born and lived in Canada and he was a hockey player at one time so this brought back good old outside memories for both of us. My Canadian readers will know what I am saying.

I will sign off and hopefully now things are back to normal I hope to be posting almost every day and getting back to my sewing routine so I have some of that to show also.



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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wow...I can see why you would want this's gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing another picture when you fill it.
Happy New Year!