Monday, January 19, 2009

Sorry to be so long with no posting but I was under the weather. Went to the Dr. last Monday and the meds are just starting to kick in. Have done a little bit on Dee's block but not enough to photograph. The print I was going to put on it will not be going there. I printed it out about 6 different times and different ways and could not get the writing readable. I was working with a very small print about 2 x 3 because they are small blocks and that is probably the problem. Now I have to go to plan B and think of something else to fill the middle. I am thinking a pretty tatted piece maybe.

I finally went out today and took pictures of the orchids and plants I put in the terrarium and will include them. I think I might have lost my lovely fern. I mentioned at the time that I had to be careful and make sure it was watered well and then completely forgot it with being sick. When I went out yesterday it looked pretty sad. I took it outside and let the water run through it but I am not sure if I can save enough to look good or will have to scrap it. Serves me right for neglecting it. The orchids and small plants were okay. I did just put an artificial ivy in the bottom rack that I had around the house and think I will just stay with that. Can forget to water it.

We went shopping today to Target and I found a couple of rugs for outside that looked okay with our existing cushions so was happy with that. I also bought a bakers rack for out there but decided it is too small for the wall space. It will have to go back and we will have to hit a couple of furniture stores or go online. Probably easier now that I have a better idea of size and decided I liked the black. Everything else out there is white so it is a bit of a contrast.

Hopefully will see you tomorrow with pics from outside.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Very pretty Freda! Sorry you have been feeling unwell...hopefully you'll be back to yourself soon.

maggi said...

Your plants look beautiful. Hope you are feeling better soon