Saturday, January 29, 2011


I have been working on the middle part of the wallhanging and am finally finished except for adding trim around the triangle block edging. I did make changes on the fairy as many suggested. I removed all the beads from the wings and with them being dark I just left them to stand on their own. I added more beads and a bit more silk ribbon. I framed it with tatting and then a very narrow black velvet edging over that and I am satisfied. I feel like a big load has been lifted off me just getting it all put together. The triangles went on well and when I press it today or tomorrow I will snap some pics.

Today I have some pics of silver trays I bought from the Thurs. flea market where we go for the food market. This wasn't the past Thurs. but the one before. This Thurs. was too cold. Low 50's in the morning plus I still had a lot of fruit, etc. There was a dealer who had boxes - literally boxes - all full of silver trays, and assorted pieces. All very badly in need of cleaning. I had seen in a magazine where they had used silver trays on the wall as decorations and I am wanting to re-decorate my bathroom here where I have one large wall. I had been looking for varios small to medium mirrors to make a wall of mirrors but have only found 2 in my scrounging. I then thought of mixing the mirrors with some silver trays plus I am giving some to my daughter if she wants them for decorating.

Diane Knotts of Dianes Musings was re-doing her bathroom and she showed where she used some silver pieces going down a wall and it looks great. So maybe my mixture will work.

I spent a good part of last week cleaning trays. I have the fingernails to show for it.
I cannot wear gloves to do stuff like that. Hard enough with bare hands. Most came up very good. The man told me all that silver came out of one house. They were of various makes and one was marked Birks which my Canadian friends will recognize as a leading Canadian jewellery store - at least in my day in Toronto. Another surprise were two identical trays - exact design but made by two different silver companies. One by Oneida
and the other by Wm.A. Rogers but the same pattern all around. One was not a tray but a hot pad for the table. It was marked made in England. I now have it sitting under a little cloche on the front door table with a bird and some dried orchid petals.

Tomorrow morning I will run over to Renningers because I need grapefruit, bananas, etc. so will see what else I unearth. One never knows.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Looking forward to seeing what you ended up doing with the quilt!! Hanging silver on the wall is a great way to enjoy it, rather than letting it languish in a drawer.

maggi said...

Lovely finds. I am glad I don't have to clean them though!

Rebecca said...

Love the trays and what a great idea to put them on the wall... I especially love it when it gets dark with patina.
Please stop on over as you won a gift on my give back.
I am leaving Thursday so if you could email me your info I would love to mail it before I leave.

Jules said...

Freda - just wanted to stop in and say "hi". Just got back from my week stitching retreat with my Bee group - we had such a wonderful time. Looks as if you are staying wonderfully busy and found some great treasures.
Much love,