Monday, January 24, 2011

I have spent the last week trying to sort out the space in this house. Even though we are only here 6 months of the year we (or Me) still manage to fill it to the brim. I have never thought of not having a basement or storage area of any kind until we moved to Florida. They do not put hall cupboards in because you don't have heavy clothes, coats, etc. at least until the weather has been so bad the last couple of years. We have 2 bedrooms and a den. The one bedroom is ours, the den is filled with Harv's desk and computer equipment plus a TV and a pullout sofa that I swear no one ever sits on. I have never in 10 years sat and watched TV on it. The other bedroom is the guest room and my sewing room where we installed the wall unit with the Murphy bed and cupboards on both sides. I have those cupboards filled with all my cq works, ribbons, beads, buttons, etc. Plus fabric I will probably never use. I still have a lot of fabric left from my heirlom sewing days.

I also love to decorate the house for holidays so have boxes of Valentine, Easter, Halloween and Christmas decorations that I have purchased or found at the flea markets down here. I actually had a man come in and add extra wire shelves to our walk-in closet because with the 9 foot plus ceilings there was room going to waste. I now use that for all the decorations, quilts, etc. things I don't use every day. I have been trying to weed out stuff and generally clean up to get the best use of the space we have.

We did go to the flea market last Thurs. over at Eustis and bought a bunch of silver trays from a fella and have spent part of the time cleaning them. They were all good quality, heavy silver. That is the difference in what you buy today and the old stuff. I can always tell by the weight. My daughter is going to use some of them as wall decoration in their new house. They bought another home in their same area with all the boys schools being the same. Just about a mile from her other one. They closed today and are now the proud owners of 2 houses. It has only been listed since early Jan. and they have had quite a few lookers already. Time will tell. Down here in Florida if you have to sell you will be lucky to get what you paid for it 10 years ago. One gal has had hers on the market for 6 months and not one looker. A beautiful home too. Very discouraging. Glad we are not going anywhere - at least we hope not. I have not seen this new home but it sounds beautiful and I will be anxious to see it in May. Hopefully with them all installed and the other sold.

Hopefully I will be back with some pics tomorrow. I will show some of the scarfs I have made.

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Plays with Needles said...

Hi Freda! I'm here and getting caught up on your life. Your stories about storage and stuff make me smile...since we both seem to struggle with that...

And I think the blues in your scarves are beautiful and will be very much appreciated by their recipients. It's a beautiful idea...I'll have to check into it next year if they do it again.

I've enjoyed seeing your flea market treasures too. That fan is a real BEAUTY!! And thanks for the good word about The King's Speech...I'm eager to go and see it now. Be well, stay happy and stitch often, Susan