Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Not much new around here today. Everyone just getting over Christmas and slowing down.

Yesterday was our first garden club meeting of the month and we visited a grower named Agri Starts. I found out that there is a lot more to growing our plants before we see them in Home Depot, Lowes, garden centers, etc. This is the place that starts them from a single root and develops them until they are very tiny potted plants with around 100 to a tray. They are then shipped to growers who plant them in containers and let them grow for another year or two before they are ready to be sold to us. This company ships to all over the US. Canada and Bermuda. It was very interesting. It is only a couple of miles from us but I had never heard of it. Apopka and other parts of central Florida re the largest growers of ferns, orchids, bromeliads and many more in the whole US. Next month we are going to an orchid growers that I have been to before but it is also a good chance to buy orchids very reasonably.

After we went to a restaurant that is fairly new and usually closed on Mondays. She opened for us with a great menu and a total lunch including beverage, dessert and tip and taxes for $12.00. It was a great bargain. I had chicken salad on a croissant with a side of fruit salad, coffee and home made coconut cream pie that is baked by her Mother who was there helping her. The amazing thing was they went up to North Carolina for christmas and expected to be back early but couldn't get out and home until Sun. afternoon. They really must have worked extra hard to get us all fed.

I am showing the first scarf I have finished and I am now on the second one. The first was quite lacey so decided to do another pattern more masculine. I hope to get maybe 6 made before they have to go off in Feb. I haven't been knitting much and it feels good. I don't have to think which helps. I have a few ends to sew in but will do that when they are all finished.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Nice scarves - for a good cause. It's amazing how fast you're knitting them - I have to be the slowest knitter ever.