Monday, January 10, 2011

Diane Knott

I ordered a beatiful little bag from Diane's etsy shop and it arrived a few days ago. When you order something from her Etsy it never comes alone. First it is wrapped very nicely. This one was wrapped in old pattern tissue and tied with raffia and a lovely button to top it off.

When I opened it there was the bag and along with that was a lovely tag that Diane had written a thank you note on the back of it. Along with this was a small pack of 3 neat little gift tags that I can use when I give a gift. There was also a pack of recipe cards that Diane had created. We can all use recipe cards for those new holiday items that we tasted and asked for the recipes. Come to think of it I must ask one gal again because she made us a really scrumptious sweet bread confection and said it was very easy. That is for me.

This is why I enjoy ordering from Etsy and am doing it more and more these days. Most of these gals put heir heart into what they do and it sure shows.

Also where are all those old patterns that we gave away or threw away thinking I will never make this again. Sure could have used that tissue for wrapping.

Thanks again Diane for the great bag and gifts.


Anonymous said...

Freda, here I am scrolling through my list of favorite blogs this morning to see what's new...and my name jumps out at me! LOL! You are very welcome, my friend, for all of the goodies. You have been good to me, so very kind, so many times. It is my pleasure to tuck in a little thank you for your order and for your gift of friendship across the miles.
Blessings and thank yous...

maggi said...

Absolutely gorgeous and I agree wholeheartedly with you about Etsy.

Jillayne said...

It's beautiful Freda - she does lovely work and it's a real treat to order from her shop. You got yourself a lovely little package of goodies!