Monday, January 17, 2011


Between knitting scarfs at night and looking at what I will do with the fairy pic for the middle of the quilt I needed something to take my mind off it. This weekend was the Extravaganza weekend at Renningers flea market. This happens 3 times a year and draws both many vendors and many buyers. Except word from many of the vendors I know is that people are not spending money like they used to.

I went over Sat. morning and only stayed a couple of hours. I only did about 1/2 of the flea market side. I decided to come home for lunch and go back Sun. earlier. I only live 5 minutes away from there. The weather both days was not very good. I felt sorry for the ones who had to be there from very early setting up and then just standing around waiting for buyers. I had gloves on it was that cold.

I did buy some really nice things but the very first thing I bought is probably, to me, one of the best things ever. It was a crazy quilt fan finished with lace about 3" wide all around it and finished off with a 2 color bow on the bottom. It is all silk and in excellent condition. I don't think it was ever displayed. On the back was a little scrap of faded paper pinned to the lining that said "Emma from Mother". I wish she had dated it. Good thing for us all to remember to date and sign our items we make. I paid 16.00 for the fan.

I will show you today a few of the things I bought. First the fan I just talked about.
Next was a beautiful old bowl with a cranberry band around the top. I collect Fostoria American glass and the cutting on the balance of the bowl is identical. I don't know if they ever added color to any of their prodcts. I must get a book from the library and check it out. I really had to scrub it as it had a lot of dirt accumulated in each little diamond cut and I soaked it for a couple of hours then brushed it and scrubbed it. I thought I got it clean but when I took the pic today I could still see just a bit. Needs doing again. I put it up on the bakers rack in my dinette area as I have a few small pieces of cranberry glass I have collected over the years. I love the ones that are etched with names, dates, etc. One I have says Vernie and another says State Fair Tampa 1906 Daisy to Mother. I think they were a popular souvenier. I paid 12.00 for the bowl.

Next was a pair of large candle holders made to look like Mercury glass. There are 2 sizes and they were from Target. They were 24.99 and 14.99 - 40.00 for both. I paid 12.00 for both of these. They look like they have never been used.

I have much more to show but thats it for today. I have to get back to tv and knitting.
I see I posted one pic twice. Just skip on over it.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

You did great at the market again Freda! Your fan is definitely a treasure.

Gina E. said...

You find some fabulous stuff at your markets! There are many similar markets here, especially in the country towns, but I never seem to be able to get to those rural towns when the markets are on. You are lucky to live so close to such a great source of goodies. That fan is stunning!! Do you think anyone would mind if I took a copy of your photo, and tried to replicate the fan? ;-)

Debra Spincic said...

The fan is sooo pretty! I would be fearful to do anything with it!
Nice haul!

Terri's ThreadArt said...

Hi Freda! Oh lots of good stuff to feast the eyes on! I have the same pink and white dishes!They are my everyday dishes and I never get tired of them.I love your silver platter wall too!